About the Team & Production

We are 2 peoples, one coder « Vincent » and one artist/designer « Nolan » .

  • « Vincent » made all tools and game code.
  • « Nolan » designed all the world, NPCs, game mechanics, story, and created all graphical assets / dialogues.

We are developing games on our free time for 15 years now but After Death project is our first « complete » game !

We are working on it since 2011 and we still continue to do development on our free time. We both have a « regular » job 🙂

This game runs with a complete custom engine (and tools) and original assets ; it took a lot of time to develop those :

  • It’s almost 100 % homemade code : we used « Box2D » for some collision detections in code and « OGG » lib for musics.
  • Sprites have been made with a standard commercial image editor
  • All levels have been created with our level editor « ADEdit »

We are very proud of what we’ve done and hope you will like it.

About the music :

All the OST was composed by Francisco Cerda. We are very proud that he has accepted to help us on this small project and we find that the result is really really cool ! It fits perfectly with the music ambience we were looking for.

We also hope you will like his work !