Press Kit

— Fact Sheet —

Developer : After Death Team
Release date : October 5, 2017
Platforms : PC (via Steam)
Website :
Availability : On Steam
Languages : English, French
File Size : ~650 Mb
Press contact :
Social : Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

— Description —

After Death is a platform / exploration game in a dark and hostile world.
With the help from lost souls, you will have to find a way to open a gate which seems to be the exit from this mysterious world infected by monsters.
By finding powers and armors, each areas can be explored and the truth will be revealed.

— Features —

– A vast world with 7 completely different ambiences, each with one alternate version.
– A 16bits consoles graphics tribute.
– About 21 different enemies + 14 bosses + 7 mini bosses.
– Many power-up to upgrade the player and to explore more of the world.
7-10 hours of play (depending of your curiosity and skills …).
– Original Soundtrack composed by Francisco Cerda (Jamestown, Gunpoint …).

— History —

The After Death team is two friends who come from the Rhone-Alpes region of France, and have known each other for 18 years.
For many years we worked on personal video game projects during our free time.
We have both been passionate about video games since we were children, and we always wanted to create our own, and have fun doing it.
Our first projects were clearly too ambitious, but this gave us the experience we needed.

Six years ago, we talked about starting a new project, called « After Death ».
This project had one goal: to making a game with modest ambition, and to actually release it one day.
It wasn’t easy, since we both have a regular jobs and we worked on After Death only during our free time.
But little by little, the project become more and more concrete, and the release date is now a reality.

Vincent (coder) created the game engine (from scratch) specifically for After Death. He also created the level editor.
Nolan (artist/designer) worked on the content (story, visual and gamedesign/level design).

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— Logo —

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