About the Team & Production

We are 2 peoples, one coder « Vincent » and one artist/designer « Nolan » . « Vincent » made all tools and game code. « Nolan » designed all the world, NPCs, game mechanics,… Lire la suite « About the Team & Production »

About the game

You can find After Death on Steam !

What is AfterDeath :

AfterDeath is a platform / exploration game in the mood of Castlevania 4 and Super Metroid.

In this game, you will live a journey as an amnesic skull, traveling in a strange world, filled by dangerous creatures.With the help from souls, you will try to open a gate which seems to be the only exit from this hostile world.

You will explore, kill monsters and bosses, get new power-up and finally find what secret is hidden behind this uncommon world.

What are our inspirations / motivations :

We are fan of 16bit console (SNES/MD-GENESIS) games especially Metroid and Castlevania series and we have always wanted to make our own game in this tradition.

But more than a remake or a tribute, we’d really like to create our own universe/background with specific game mechanics.

Here’s some key points about After Death :

  • A vast world with 7 completely different ambiences, each with one alternate version
  • A 16bits consoles graphics style
  • About 21 different enemies + 14 bosses + 7 mini bosses
  • Many power-up to upgrade the player and to explore more of the world.
  • 7-10 hours of play (depending of your curiosity and skills …)
  • Release date : October 5, 2017 on PC

The awesome music was composed by Francisco Cerda (Jamestown, Gunpoint …) and the OST contains 17 tracks. We are very proud to have worked with him !
Here is his Soundcloud and his Website !

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